Malin and Draken


It’s special to have the honour to share some of the most important moments and days in peoples lifes. As a wedding- and portaitphotograper I do so many times and everytime I feel grateful. When Malin (one of my former brides, I’ll show you some photos in another post) asked me to make some photos of her in her last days of her first pregnancy, I was so happy. To me a pregnant woman has an air of power and vulnerability around her which makes me humble to life.  Thank you Malin for letting me show these photos! (Draken is the nickname of the baby!)

Someone’s a BIG Chelsea-fan!

2 kommentarer på “Malin and Draken

  1. Patricia skrev:

    Vilka fina bilder på Malin o Draken. Likaså familjen m hunden!!

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