Gone fishing – matfotografering


Mmm… I love food! I love cooking it, eating it and most of all I love a loooong dinner together with family and friends, filled with happiness, laughter and some nice cold Chablis! Therefore I’m so happy when I get to do some work together with Eleonora von Essen, an extremely talented and creative foodcreator and stylist for the...

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Days of summer – familjefotografering


A familyphotosession in Vita Bergsparken on one of the many wonderful summerdays we had this summer.

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Love in the Nobelpark – bröllopsfotografering


I think Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The statistic says 1/3 of the city consists of water, 1/3 of buildings and 1/3 of green areas. For Pernillas and Martins weddingphotos we choose Nobelparken /the Nobelpark (named after the great Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel) and just see how this awesome goodlooking couple...

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To kiss a frog…




It’s something magical about watching kids grow. One day you comfort the three-year old little prince when he scratched his knee and the next day he’s fastforwarding into the teens… Treasure everyday and freeze time by taking pictures is my way of living in the present. And beeing thankfull for what I’ve got and proud...

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